MagnoSec Security

MagnoSec delivers extraordinary security solutions and risk management, helping from global businesses & government to people and small communities.

MagnoSec Training

Our basic, advance & specialized training will help you be better prepared. Come, learn and be certified, while improving your skills and personal confidence.

MagnoSec Corp.

We offered unmatched solutions to help people solve any Security and Leadership situation with proven strategies applied in our cities and War Zone.

We are an American Company, Headquartered in Central Florida. We buy Security and Risk Management companies in USA and integrate our strategies for maximum growth and protection.  

Advanced Technology

We have cutting-edge technology for security experts. We offer a 24/7 platform just for you to bring accountability & transparency.


Clear Communication

We believe in the 7 Cs of communications to boost our productivity: clear, consice, concrete, correct, coherent, complete & corteous.

Problem Solvers

Our experience comes from Law-Enforcement to War Zone solving complex situations under pressure. Identify, evaluate, develop & implement.

Timely Support

Smart & efficient ways to provide timely support t our clients. We believe in door opens and fast results to provide higher quality.

Innovation & Technology

Top-Notch Platforms, CCTV System, & cutting edge Information Technology.

Protection & Transportation

Executive Protection – Bodyguards, Logistics & Personal Transportation.


Natural Disaster Recovery

Immediate Assistance, Disaster Aid, Distribution & Reconstruction.

Security Officers

24/7 fully trained & licensed armed/unarmed security guards.


Security / Firearms Training

The right training for Security Officers, Bodyguards and People.

Leadership Training


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