CCTV Surveillance

There are many terms and concepts in the field of security cameras and their early recognition, even before the moment of meeting with product marketers and sales consultants, can significantly shorten the duration of the discussion and facilitate an agreement between the parties and start working together.

First, the security cameras differ in the way they are installed and run their functionality. There are security cameras stationary, fixed to a certain spectrum that can move only through human action and there are remote controlled cameras and are in constant motion, or, alternatively, motionless, in accordance with the decision of the remote operator.

Even remote security cameras have fundamental differences arising from the movement of the camera and extent to which it is capable, to the extent of complete 360 degrees.

As the level of pixels increases, the possible resolution of the security camera higher and details provided for it are more numerous. Another sensitivity of security cameras is to light, so there are significant differences in the types and material security cameras are sensitive more or less to light. This sensitivity is called in the professional term lux. As the level of lux reach to zero the camera can shoot in a complete darkness. Lux zero means, of course, the ability to film in total darkness.

Since there is no way, or need, to overstate the importance of high-quality security cameras for your business, that have a tendency to a criminal or armful activity, so what remains is to watch closely for the various nuances and noticeable differences between the types of security cameras available on the market, So that the final choice of the customer, Accordance with the advice and guidance he receives at MagnoSec experts, will be right and proper for him. As with a traditional camera, the field of security cameras is important pixel intensity that create a huge mosaic of small local details into a perfect, clear detail.

Additional importance, not least in principle, to other points mentioned above, is the duration and documentation of the security camera system recording, there is a certain formula that makes it easy to option the right choice for every customer need, today there are security camera systems that can record for many months without the need for replacement card or backup memory, and not only that, but today’s options also allow remote location recording , so that recording data won’t be damaged.

All our surveillance systems can be monitored remotely throw any smart phone, tablet or pc.

Home & Commercial Security Cameras – What You Need To Know

In today’s world, having security cameras installed in your business or home is considered a smart move. It is a great way of protecting homes and business from criminal activity and provides an excellent and cost-effective means of monitoring even when the owner cannot be present in person. It is not just rich and powerful people who opt to protect their homes with high quality surveillance systems; nowadays, it has become a norm for most homes to have some form of surveillance installed. However, there are actually many different kinds of security cameras available in the market and choosing the right CCTV system can get confusing for first time buyers. Those who are interested in buying surveillance systems for their home should definitely consider various pertinent factors before making their purchase.

The first thing to consider is whether or not a wireless camera is required. Wired and wireless surveillance systems each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Many home owners opt for small, wireless systems which can easily be hidden as this gives them the element of stealth. On the other hand, the very sight of large camera can scare off potential intruders. Moreover, wired cameras do tend to provide better quality footage and do not get disturbed by other wireless signals.

Home owners should also consider various technical aspects such as the resolution and coverage of the equipment. Obviously, the higher the resolution the greater the clarity of the footage captured. Most residential users do not feel the need to have a very superior quality camera but this really depends on the individual requirements of the customer. The coverage is also extremely important. It is best to have a piece of equipment that can cover the greatest amount of area. This is determined by many different factors, from the mechanical tilt axis of the camera to the type of lens used. A wide angle lens will provide greater area coverage though it will be more expensive. Some types will only capture what is happening directly in front while others will tilt, pan and zoom in order to record a greater area. Other technical aspects residential customers will have to consider before they buy include whether they want an IP or analog system, how much memory storage is equipped and so on. There are also higher quality cameras that can shoot in low light which is a huge advantage.

Finally, after having selected the model of camera and technical set up that is required, home owners should also consider how many cameras they need, whether or not they wish to install them in every room as well as in outdoor areas and where the equipment should be placed. The practical aspects such as the color and the size will also be influenced by how much importance is placed on the aesthetics of the home. In order to find all these different varieties and types of surveillance systems, customers can check out MagnoSec. They offer many kinds of high quality security cameras for homes and businesses.

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