High Security

High physical security are measures to protect personnel and property from damage or harm, and to deny unauthorized access to facilities and resources. MagnoSec High Security is involved in the use and management of multiple layers of interdependent systems which include CCTV surveillance, professional security guards, access control systems, and burglar & fire alarms among many other strategies.


High security systems for protected facilities are generally intended to:

  • deter potential intruders (e.g. warning signs, perimeter markings, security guards);
  • detect intrusions or fire and monitor/record it (e.g. burglar / fire alarms, CCTV systems, security guards); and
  • trigger appropriate incident responses (e.g. by security guards).

We design, architect and analyze the project to balance security controls against risks, taking into account the costs of specifying, developing, testing, implementing, using, managing, monitoring and maintaining the controls, along with broader issues such as aesthetics, human rights, health and safety, and societal norms or conventions. It doesn’t matter if the project is small, medium or big, we count with the experience and partners to provide the service with quality and on time. 

The Challenge

Keeping lives and assets secure is a never-ending mission. The negative impacts can be massive—which is why so many people, companies and government spend considerable resources on protecting their people, their assets, and their reputation.

There are numerous challenges for keeping lives and assets protected on any type of harm. What are these challenges, and how can they be overcome? The top three challenges in protecting lives and assets are:     1. Professional Personnel, 2. High Quality Products and Equipment, and, 3. The Cost of Implementing and Maintaining Strong Security Measures.

The Solution

This is why we founded MagnoSec, Corp., to provide the solution of these challenges through our program called “The MagnoSec Security Integrator Strategy”. This strategy is our “secret sauce” and is based on the over 100 years experience that also include recruiting the most qualify leadership & personnel, train them and partner with companies that provide the best quality products on an affordable price to guarantee the success of our security measures. We currently have dozens of top-notch partnerships.      

  • Security Guards / Executive Protection 100% 100%
  • Bodyguards 100% 100%
  • Fire Watch 100% 100%
  • Risk Consulting 100% 100%
  • Trainings 100% 100%
  • Natural Disaster Recovery 100% 100%

The Results Are Amazing

We have been implementing these strategies on multiple clients and companies and the results have been amazing! Just contact us for a free customized solutions according to your needs and see the great results for you too.

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